Sunday, April 20, 2014

Changes Are Coming

Some major changes are coming to CajunMile.

First, we are both going to make a commitment to post more often.  We will be posting about training for our races as well as other fitness training.  We intend to write about what we are doing to keep in shape between races and what our training entails.  We plan to talk about recipes that we find and interesting things that keep us energized for our runs.

Second, we will be posting recaps of all of our races.  In the past, Emily has posted some recaps and others remained unmentioned.  Going forward each race will have a breakdown from our perspective as we both have different feelings on races.  

Third, we plan on doing some fitness product reviews.  Shoes, watches, fitness tracker, and many other things will be included in this.  

Finally, the site will be moving.  Shortly we will be located at

We know a lot of other websites are doing this, but we are hoping that bringing the perspective of a married couple who started this in their thirties will bring something different to the conversation.  

Please make sure to update links and rss feeds to the new site.


Nick and Emily

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alamo 13.1 Race Results

Nick and I ran our first half marathon, the Alamo 13.1, on Sunday, March 23, 2014.  The weather threatened all week to rain on our race day parade.  So we woke up early, and headed to the start line, prepared to weather the storm.  Amazingly, the rain held off.  The weather was a cool 59 degrees, perfect weather for a 13.1 mile run.

The course was San Antonio classified as flat, but there were several ups and downs.  Running in Houston, there are no hills, so this was a little challenging for me. 

The race started with the blast of a cannon....And we were off!  

We ran the first 6 miles, which included a large incline.  We took a few breaks after that, getting more into our 9 minutes running and 1 minute walking routine.  Nick and I ran together the entire race, crossing the finish line one second apart, right in front of The Alamo.  

This race was well organized.  Afterwards, we enjoyed the complimentary beer.  They had several food offerings as well as a drawing for one lucky person to win $1,301.  I have to say, one of my favorite perks, is that the race pictures are free - Yes, free!! - and we had several to choose from, which makes for the perfect souvenir to such an incredible experience.  

As soon as we returned home, my vehicle was adorned with a 13.1 sticker!

Official results for Alamo 13.1 held on Sunday, March 23, 2014: 

Emily's Official Time:  2:37:08
- 1135 of 1558 finishers
- 597 of 917 all females
- 102 of 151 females aged 30-34

Nick's Official Time:  2:37:07

- 1133 of 1558 finishers
- 518 of 614 all males
- 83 of 94 males aged 30-34