Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Galloway 10K Training Week 6

This week was run out of order, but all workouts were covered.  

Week 6, Workout 1
30-35 minute run
Nick is out of town this week.  When I got home, I took the dogs on our usual 2-mile walk.  Then I put on my running shoes and hit the road.  I had to take a few walking breaks, but that didn't stop me.  My plan was to only run the minimum time.  When the clock hit 30 minutes, I felt like I could run more so I did.  Total time was 32 minutes, 2.5 miles. 

Week 6, Workout 3
5 mile run
Kellie met us for this run.  Total time for me was 1 hour 22 minutes, total distance was 6.1 miles, I ran 4.24 of those miles.  The weather was humid and cool.  It was nice to get home at 11am and already have over 18,000 steps for the day.  

Week 6, Workout 2
30-35 minute run
I ran the Rythm and Blues 5k.  Rain threatened the entire race, but all was good.  The course had several inclines, which usually discourages me.  I had a great run, considering I ran 5 miles the day before.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Color in Motion 5K

Color in Motion 5K was my first "color" run.  I have to say I was a little disappointed that it is advertised as a 5K, according to my Nike watch the course was a little over 3 miles.  That aside, it was a pretty fun run.

The race started at 9am.  We got there early so we had time to walk around.  They had heats every 5 minutes, we chose to run in the second heat. At the starting line, there was a dj playing music and tossing promotional items into the crowd.  There were a few overzealous runners, who used their color packets prior to the race.  We were able to remain clean until right before the race began.  

There were 4 color stations along the route:  red, purple, red green.  There were a few uphill spots along the route, which made me glad we've been running on a pedestrian bridge during our workouts.  I saw several people with strollers, pushing little ones.  I was surprised how many people were running with kids.  

At the end of the race, the route narrows to about two people wide.  There were plenty of people cheering at the end.  Kellie and I finished the race together, she caught me on an uphill.  By the end of the race, we were pretty "colored".

We ran with a few friends, and met up with one another at the post-race party.  

The post-race party included the dj playing music and sponsors handing out more goodies.  If you didn't have enough color from the race, the dj encouraged the finishers periodically to throw their color which created huge clouds of color!  And if that wasn't enough color for the color enthusiasts, there were buckets of color scattered throughout the dance floor.  

Once you had all of the color you could handle, there were two "blow stations"- two guys with leaf blowers that will blow the color right off of you!  

Galloway 10k Training Week 5

Week 5, Workout 1
30-35 minute run
The weather was cool out and breezy.  Nick and I ran 30 minutes, 2.64 miles.  This is 1/10th of a mile farther than my best run which was in Week 3, Workout 2 where I felt Unstoppable!!!  Pretty excited that I  am getting a little faster.  

Week 5, Workout 2
30-35 minute run
This was the Color in Motion race.  It is advertised as a 5K, but Kellie and I both clocked it with our Nike watches, and came up with approximately a three-mile route.  I ran 3.02 miles in 35:15.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a full 5K, but really enjoyed the race.  More about this run in the Color in Motion post.  I will say, this is the first time I ran the entire 3 miles, so I was pretty darn excited about that!

Week 5, Workout 3
4 mile run (Actual:  3.6 miles)
Apparently, I was so excited about my run yesterday that I forgot to charge my watch.  Therefore, 2.6 miles into my run, my watch battery died.  I estimated the rest of the route, not knowing how long or far I was running.  I knew I'd be short of the 4 miles, but I gave it a good effort.  When I got home, I used Google Maps to figure out the distance of the remainder of my run, which was an additional mile.  Therefore, my total run was 3.6 miles.  I did take a few walk breaks; I was expecting this because I ran the Color in Motion yesterday and my body isn't used to running two days in a row.  Overall, I'm satisfied with this run.