Friday, December 21, 2012

Galloway 10K Training Week 1

After a fantastic 5K, I was completely motivated to take on the world of running.  My mind was consumed with thoughts of 5Ks, 10Ks, and even 1/2 marathons.  I was ready to take my running to the next level. 

But where do I start?  When I began training for my 5K, the choice was easy- Couch to 5K is a well-known, and highly recommended program.  How do I train for longer distances? I've already picked a 10K race in April, I just have to be able to run it.  So, turning to my good friend Google, I begin my quest to find the right training program for me. 

After researching the programs, I decided on Jeff Galloway's 10K Training.  It starts with my level of capability, the times aren't drastically increased week to week, and the running commitment is only 3 times per week.  This will get me to a 10K long before April, which means I have room for a few setbacks.  I am not counting on any, but we all know it's inevitable. 

Once again, I will give you a weekly breakdown of my runs.  We have been slow getting started, and I'm sure the upcoming holidays will create a few obstacles.  Nevertheless, I started this program before Christmas because I didn't want to be lazy the entire month of December.  Let the training begin!!!

Week 1, Workout 1
20-25 min run
I was able to run 21 minutes, covering 1.75 miles.  The weather was cool and I feel like I've recovered from my cold/cough. 

Week 1, Workout 2
20-25 min run
I ran 22 minutes, 1.8 miles.  This was a morning run, but the weather was extremely humid.  Breathing proved to be a little difficult in the thick air.

Week 1, Workout 3
2 miles
I completed the 2 miles in 23:30.  I am beginning to enjoy running again.  Although, I was very glad to complete this run. 

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