Saturday, December 1, 2012

C25K Week 9

Well, this week has been sad.  I was sick all week, so running wasn't my top priority.  Nick and I decided we would just run 10 minutes each day until our 5k next week.  The stats are below, but no judgements please.  

Workout 1
30 min run (Actual: 10 min run)
I felt very accomplished when I finished running.  Our normal walk was leaving me winded, so running was a huge accomplishment this week.  Because our 5k is next weekend, Nick and I decided we will take it easy this week and next.  So technically we are not completing the C25K program, but we are running a 5k.  

Workouts 2 & 3
30 min run each day(Actual: 10 min run/3 min walk/2 min run/1 1/2 min walk/ 2 1/2 min run /2 1/2 min walk/4 1/2 min run)
We decided to combine the last two workouts.  The goal was to run 10 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 10 minutes.  Obviously, that's not what happened.  After the first 10 minute run, I realized I'm not up to par yet.  I'm still having problems breathing, and that is setting me back a good bit.  I started the second part of the run, and could barely run 2 minutes.  I started walking and was going to walk the rest of the way home.  Then I decided, I'm not giving up, this cold isn't going to get the best of me.  So, I ran/walked the rest of the way.  The last run was a huge push for me, but I had to do it for myself.  

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