Sunday, January 27, 2013


The ABB 5K was an incredible experience; it is held in conjunction with the Houston Chevron Marathon.  This was my second 5K and I was hoping for a little better results, but the fact of the matter is I completed a 5K and I am proud of that.  There were 3183 runners, so the streets always seemed a bit crowded.  I felt like I couldn't keep a steady pace because I was slowing down due to the person in front of me or I was having to speed up to pass people.  The weather was approximately 70 degrees and humid, very humid.  The roads were wet, which means some spots were pretty slick.  Although rain threatened the race, it held off, and I was very grateful for that.   

The picture below is me and Kellie after the race, showing off our finisher's medals.  

Official results for ABB 5K held on Saturday, January 12, 2013. 
- Official Time:  36:07
- 1812 of 3183 finishers
- 133 of 262 females aged 30-34
- 856 of 1826 all females

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