Saturday, November 10, 2012

C25K Week 6

Workout 1
5 min run/3 min walk/8 min run/3 min walk/5 min run
(Actual:  5 min run/3 min walk/6 min run/30 sec walk/2 min run/3 min walk/5 min run)
This should've been a fairly easy run, but I'm following my worst run yet.  My legs are still sore, and my shins are tight.  I completed the first five minute run.  At about six minutes into the eight minute run, I look down and I'm walking.  I didn't consciously stop running, my legs just stopped moving fast.  There was nothing I could do to make them move any faster than a walking pace.  So I walked for approximately 30 seconds, Nick continued running.  After my little break, my legs were able to finish the run.  We had a long cool-down walk.  
I decided no more candy this week.  I have a theory about my last two runs and why they were so horrible.  I've been eating candy at night, just the little fun-size bars, nonetheless I'm eating candy.  I had two last night before I went to bed.   I woke up, drank coffee, had a glass of milk, and then we went run.  No breakfast.  I think I'm having a hard time because my sugar level is plummeting, therefore causing me to have a bad run.  So, I'm going to stay away from candy this week.  I'm also going to bring a protein and carb snack to work to eat around 2pm, most probably it will be a fruit and string cheese.  I will see how this affects my runs for the rest of the week.

Workout 2
10 min run/3 min walk/10 min run
I signed up for my first-ever 5K!!!!  I am super excited!!  I also saw a car on the way to work:  license plate RUNN3R and a 26.2 sticker on it.  I REALLY want one of those stickers!!  I sent a picture of it to Nick saying it was my inspiration for the day.  
At noon, I left the office and had a 5 hour drive to Bossier City.  I arrived at the hotel around 5pm.  I immediately went to my room and changed into my workout clothes.  I hurried to the fitness room, only to see one treadmill and one elliptical...and the treadmill was occupied - UGH!  Now what am I supposed to do?  I can't sit here and watch this guy run....I mean, that would be creepy!  
So, I go back to my room, change into some jeans and go to dinner.  I had a grilled chicken salad with low-fat ranch dressing.  I declined the complimentary bread and resisted the urge to ask for more ranch dressing (they never give you enough).  I finished dinner around 6pm and headed back to the hotel.  
I changed back into my workout clothes and and 7pm I went back down to the fitness room.  To my surprise, it was empty.  I got on the treadmill and began my workout.  It was AMAZING!  By far, this was my best workout.  I ran at 5.5mph pace and really concentrated on my breathing.  It took me about 1 minute to recover from the first run, and about 1 1/2 minutes to recover from the second run.  About halfway through, I realized that I forgot to stretch, but I didn't care because this run was fabulous!  After all of my trouble, I had a really great workout!

Workout 3
22 min run  (Actual:  10 min run/1 1/2 min walk/10 1/2 min run)
We needed a few items at the grocery store to make dinner, which is located almost exactly 2 miles from the house.  We decided to run to there, get our groceries, then walk back.  I really like this idea, rather than getting in the car to go.  What I didn't realize is that most of the run would be uphill.  At 10 minutes, I had to walk for a little while.  Then we ran the rest of the way, running past the entrance to the store to complete our 22 minutes.  Total distance was 1.8 miles.  

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